24 października 2016

What is my autumn this year? Autumn is thinking about buying an electric blanket for the upcoming winter.

It is a massive scarf from Zara that costs a fortune. And you don’t need it. But it is almost like a blanket, so you are trying to justify it. After all you are getting so much for your money! It is almost like saving. So you end up buying it, and you eat porridge for the whole week, which helps you lose weight so it is a win-win.

Autumn means pumpkin flavoured coffee. You can even have a little cheat day by adding new pumpkin spice Baileys to it, and pretend to be an adult. (Hands up Baileys addicts!)


Autumn means spending your salary in Lush on their new Halloween collection.


Autumn means choosing your perfect pumpkin. Kitchen here I come – pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup!

Most importantly it means there is lees than 8 Mondays until Christmas!

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