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Listopad 2016

  • Food Lifestyle

    London ‚foodie’ experience

    Last weekend we went to London to see ‚Wicked’ and have a little ‚foodie’ experience, because we all know there is nothing better than food. And if someone says there is, then man, you’ve…

    27 listopada 2016
  • Beauty

    Face creams – my trio

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Surprisingly so far I was mostly focusing on ‚foodie’ posts. Why surprisingly? Well, most of the time my inner lazy me is saying ‚hey! let’s order a takeway!’. Today I…

    12 listopada 2016
  • Food Lifestyle

    Pumpkin Spice Baileys coffee

    I do like autumn, I am even tempted to say it is my favourite season of the year. There is something special about cold, rainy days and spending weekends at home wrapped in an…

    4 listopada 2016