Polish Saint Nicholas Day – Christmas vibes!

6 grudnia 2016

I hope there are no Grinches amongst you, as I am embracing my Christmas spirit with this post. We Polish people love a good occasion to celebrate, well actually we like any occasion to celebrate! On the 6th of December we have Saint Nicholas Day.


It used to be a celebration of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, who from the ninth century was venerated in the Christian East and West as a saint and a miracle worker. Nowadays it is a commercialised celebration day during which you would tell your kids a magical story about a chubby guy with a beard bringing them presents, basically a hipster with cool animals and a gesture.

In Poland, kids would get little gifts and chocolates on the 6th of December, but sometimes adults will make little surprises for each other too. This year I was on the ‘well-behaved’ list, as Saint Nicholas visited me too! I think the elves made a mistake, but I’m not going to send complaint letters to them!

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These pyjamas are from NEXT and they retail for £25 per set. They are the most cosy, soft and comfy set I own at the moment, and believe me I own a lot, I’m a pyjama addict! There’s nothing better for an upcoming Christmas evening near the fire place.

The Perfume is from Boots, the bottle I got is 100 ml and retails for £99.50 per bottle. You get smaller bottles; 50ml for £70 and 30ml for £49.50. They have loads of promotions in store at the moment and a triple point event, so I would encourage you to get it in store, but you can check out other websites and you might be able to get it cheaper. It is a fruity/floral fragrance for every woman who wants to feel a bit special. You can smell mandarin fruit in the top. In the heart there is plum, jasmine, orchid, rose and then amaranth, musk and blackberry in the trail of the fragrance. The trail notes will stay the longest and that is the fragrance you will smell after few hours. The design of the bottle gives that luxury feeling and its shape refers to a feminine, sensual shape – it is timeless and elegant. 

Are there any Christmas/December traditions in your country or in your family? Share your Christmas posts with me 🙂 

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  • Bdc92

    Interesting post! I’m not the biggest fan of beauty and perfume but I enjoyed reading more about polish tradition!

    • Haha, I would not suspect you are a big fan of perfumes and beauty! 😀

  • Sylwia Antkowicz

    Beautiful pictures. I love Saint Nicholas Day. I got book and some cosmetics yesterday 😉

    • Thank you! 🙂 Nice, what book? 🙂

  • Well, I’m glad that you are writing about polish Christmas. Christmas in Poland are so amazing. I can’t wait!

    • I think more people should know about it! We have so many valuable celebrations through the year! I will try to talk more about it! 🙂

  • Great pictures!

  • er wu

    Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. I don’t even have any plans for the New Year’s Eve. I feel as if September was yesterday… Maybe some snow would make it more convincing for me.

    • We did not have any snow for Christmas 🙁 What did you do for a New Year’s Eve then? 🙂

  • You have nice Santa 🙂

  • Prezenty, prezenty, chyba pora abym się wreszcie za nie zabrała..

  • Dominika Rygiel

    Jakie słodkości! <3 i jak pięknie podane. Klasa 🙂

  • Amazing pictures and gifts;)

  • Pamiętam mikołajki we Fryburgu w Szwajcarii – św. Mikołaj jest patronem miasta. Cudowne święto obejmujące całe miasto: pochód, jarmark, wszędzie grzane wino i słodycze, tłumy na ulicach. Tak się powinno świętować!

    • Nie wiedziałam, że mają takie święto 🙂 to duże miasto? Może się wybiorę za rok, bo uwielbiam takie jarmarkowe klimaty, a grzanemu winu nie powiem nie! 🙂

  • Małgorzata Jopek

    I love Christmas! I can’t wait!

    • How was it? 🙂 it is such a shame we have to wait another 12 months to feel Christmas atmosphere again!

  • Paweł Polejowski

    Fun fact, do you know why Santa Claus is wearing a red robe? Because coca-cola brand’s color is red – just look at the bottles. They gave that image to Santa in early 1920s and have been using it in their comercials ever since.

    • I actually did not know that! I have to admit Coca-Cola made a good job of creating that image! 🙂