My Little Word ® 2017

1 stycznia 2017

I recently came across a very powerful idea – My Little Word® by Ali Edwards. For those who have not heard about it, the philosophy of it is to introduce one word into your life through the year that will symbolize your daily attitude; the word that will guide you through the year and let you make changes that you want to make.

Each year I had at least a list of ten New Year’s resolutions, including those ‘standard’ ones like losing weight, eating clean and living healthy, being more productive etc. What was the result of all of these? You probably know I did not become a world-class model or fitness youtuber, so you can guess! I did not realize any of the promises I made to myself and each December it was getting me down when I was reflecting on my year, and you know what? I was wrong. I was so focused on my ultimate goal that I did not appreciate any progress I made, any journey I went through to make a difference or change in my life.

So this year I decided to make my year about PROGRESS. Progress will be My Little Word® for 2017. I will focus more on the journey leading me to the ultimate goal and how it affects me daily, than on the goal itself.

I will reward myself for every progress I make, and not punish myself for not learning a new language in one year. I will repeat to myself every day that cities are not built in a day, and sometimes I cannot jump over something, because changes take time. I will find comfort and motivation in the progress I am making every day and continue what I started and not give up. And whatever I achieve at the end of the year, I will be proud of the progress I made, because I will be ten steps ahead of what I was last year, and it is important. Sometimes the journey to achieve the goal is as important as the goal itself. It changes us, it leads to reflection, it guides our development, it influences people around us and it is rewarding to appreciate how hard we work.

Here are a few other posts of bloggers talking about their own My Little Word® (2016 & 2017) that I found very inspiring and I am hoping you will as well:

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And what is your My Little Word® for 2017? Please share your reflections and ideas with me; let’s inspire each other in 2017.

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