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Shopping madness – HAUL

5 lutego 2017

Oh guys! I know, I know its been a century since the last blog entry. Life has been pretty hectic with awful flu, assignments, Master’s and full time work. Not that it should stop me, and it will not in the future.

Being a busy bee did not stop me from shopping, which is not a surprise for those who know me. All my favourite stuff are included in this shopping madness post from fluffy socks to long-lasting candles and sweet, girly perfumes. There are some newbies among things I bought, including a few beauty products from the Polish company Wibo, being quite popular budget products among Polish bloggers.

Body peelings from Vianek are a must-have. They have fabulous colours and really good, natural ingredients. This time I was drawn towards the peeling from the seeds of milk thistle, and the second one made from the ground seeds of blackberries. They not only smell fabulous, but also remove dead skin cells and tackle dryness without irritating. The packing is quite simple; with the adorable, small patterns that remind me of rustic Poland.

Many are probably familiar with three products featured in this post – Double Wear by Estée Lauder, Beauty Blender and Beauty Flash Balm from Clarins. They are my go to products and repeated purchases and I can praise them over and over again.

Let’s not forget about products from Bath & Body Works, which unfortunately are hard to access in the UK, as it is an American Company that does not ship outside the United States. You can find their stationary shops in Europe, including Warsaw in Poland. Their candles and hand soaps smells insanely good! Candles smell stronger and longer than Yankee Candle, and in terms of soap you can get version ‘peeling’ or ‘foaming’ – both are amazing.

With all these products it is easy to celebrate ‘hygge’ and make every moment a pampering experience.

Let me know if you want a more detailed review of any of these products. Have you bought anything worth-mentioning recently?

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